Nash Habib Examines Team Building in the Trucking Industry

Nash Habib

December 28, 2020

Nash Habib

Nash Habib has been successful in the trucking industry where others have failed because he pays attention to his truckers and their needs. And he has implemented many types of team building activities that help his crew stay together and work as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

How Nash Habib Focuses on Team Building

The trucking industry can often feel very impersonal, Nash Habib states, because truckers may be on the road for days and rarely see their co-workers. However, team building is essential because it helps keep a crew together and ensures that they work together well. As a result, Nash Habib has attempted to create simple ways for his team to stay connected over the years.

For example, Nash Habib predicted that the Covid-19 pandemic would trigger even more isolation in his truckers and even cause some loss of work due to closed businesses. As a result, he has attempted to utilize digital communication methods, such as group texts, to keep his team closer. This simple method also helps Nash Habib to keep track of the routes of his truckers and more.

In a sense, this method is similar to CB communication still common in the industry. Nash Habib knows that trucking is lonely, and even a strange voice on the radio helps make a trucker feel more connected. And a group text helps a trucker feel like their boss cares, makes it easier for them to talk with other team members, and produces better hauling and trucking results.

And whenever possible, Nash Habib tries to schedule in-person events that help his crew stay connected. Planning around slow periods and holidays is often a challenge, he states, but it may be the best way to ensure everyone stays connected. Please pay attention to when your truckers are available, Nash Habib says, and try to get as many of them together as possible for a variety of events.

The events can vary depending on your truckers and their tastes. For example, Nash Habib believes sporting events are a great option because they bring everybody together in a common goal. Professional events are often the best option, Nash Habib says, though competitive sporting situations – like golfing or even softball tournaments – may be fun for truckers to participate in as well.

Lastly, Nash Habib suggests holding group holiday get-togethers – such as Christmas parties – after huge hauls or other important events. By paying attention to your company’s success, he believes that it is possible to create a high-quality team that works together in ways that others may not. And doing so may help you succeed by improving your efficiency ten-fold.